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How do I find my accommodation?

Studentpad – the first place to look

If you need a place to stay AUB StudentPad should be your first port of call. It lists all student accommodation registered with us by local landlords who have been accredited by a national association.

You can browse the site to see what kinds of properties are currently available. It also has a message board where students can advertise for housemates or you can post a request to be one (the message board is password protected – please contact Student Services for details of how to access the message board).

Accommodation Days

You can get to know potential housemates at one of our Accommodation Days. On these days you can find available properties and hook up with other students to share with.

We provide everything you need for a successful day’s house hunting, from local landlords and property details from letting agents, to street maps and bus timetables. Most students secure a place to live on the very same day.

We will be holding our 2017 accommodation days on 8th July and 18th August, 9.30am – 3.00pm on the AUB campus. If you have accepted a course offer you will receive an email in early Spring with details of how you can book a place to attend one of these days.  Information on these days can be found on the Accommodation Day page and in the Private Rented Accommodation Handbook.


You can use Facebook to find a place by going to the ‘AUB  Accommodation‘ page.

AUB does not inspect properties featured on the “studentpad” website. Inclusion in the site or our Accommodation Days does not mean we endorse registered properties or recommend them over any other. Any tenancy agreements are between you and your landlord. AUB accepts no responsibility for any private accommodation arrangements.