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The Power of Plastic in Object Based-Learning: a consideration of the use of historical plastic objects as dynamic tools for learning and teaching in higher education at Plastics Heritage Conference, 2019, Lisbon, Portugal.

Conference – Published 31st May 19

The paper considered how the plastic nature of plastic design objects – the object’s plastic properties, qualities and associations – can intrigue and arrest learners’ attention and can promote and provoke important debate and contemplation as students consider, evaluate and indeed re-evaluate attitudes regarding plastic.This paper examined the use of historical plastic objects as powerful tools for learning and teaching in Object-Based Learning (OBL) in higher education

The study examines undergraduate workshops that use objects from the Museum of Design in Plastics (MoDiP), Arts University Bournemouth, UK. It considers and how students physically handle, scrutinize and interrogate objects. The paper is informed by key OBL texts (e.g. Chatterjee and Hannan, 2015; Chatterjee and Duhs, 2010, Boddington, Boys and Speight (2013) Hennigar Smith, 1999 and Hooper-Greenhill, 1999) that advocate  the value of OBL. Key texts that discuss objects and how we relate to them also inform this paper (e.g. Meikle, 1997; Sudjic, 2009).

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