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The interpretation of error: Glitch, craft, and illustration

Symposium – Published 13th Jan 15

This co-authored paper with Paul Roberts was delivered in September 2014. It addresses the contemporary and simultaneous rise of glitch art alongside the contemporary turn to craft within the illustrative field. It seeks to understand the use of glitches and errors within the illustrators visual vocabulary, through aesthetic and symbolic interpretation of the glitch moment.

Drawing upon the concept of the ‘glitch-like’ as a frequent description of the illustrator’s relationship to the error, it argues that the professional illustrator is frequently constrained in their use of pure glitches within their working process due to a number of factors; and instead utilises the error initially through experimental appropriation, and then through normalisation and finally incorporation into the toolbox of the artist.

The paper seeks to address the inherent contradiction that exists between the notion of craftsmanship and error, and suggests that disruption of the flow of work offers a valuable intervention that enables us to evaluate and re-interpret practices, both as maker, and reader of visual texts.

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Publication title Interpretation VaroomLab symposium in partnership with Arts University Bournemouth.
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