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Stays and Corsets: Historical Patterns Translated for a Modern Body

Book – Published 28th Dec 15

Stays and Corsets: Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body goes a step beyond traditional historical costuming texts by not only providing you with historical pattern diagrams and information, but by showing you how to adapt these patterns to the contemporary body shape. Using her original pattern-drafting system, author Mandy Barrington will show you how to draft a historical pattern for a modern body shape, while still retaining an accurate historical silhouette.

Each pattern has been generated from an original stay, corset, or pattern taken from historical garments, and the instructions to follow these new patterns are designed to accommodate any size of female figure, allowing you to avoid extremely difficult, time consuming, and inaccurate re-sizing. Requiring no prior knowledge of pattern drafting, all calculations have been worked out for the costume maker and are provided in simple tables accompanied by easy-to-read, step-by-step diagrams that clearly show how the historical pattern is plotted onto the female basic block, coupled with photographs of the constructed stays and corsets.

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Publication status Published
Publication title Stays and Corsets: Historical Patterns Translated for a Modern Body
Publishers name Focal Press
Identification number -5
Number of pages 274
ISBN ISBN 978-1-138-01823