Dr. Petronilla Whitfield’s professional output

PhD dissertation: ‘Towards accessing Shakespeare’s text for those with SpLD (dyslexia): an investigation into the rationale for building visual constructs’

Thesis – Published 11th Feb 15

This study explores the premise that some acting students assessed as dyslexic show a proclivity for processing the written text through non-verbal visually-led mediums. It seeks to develop and test pedagogical strategies that might cultivate this visual preference  in order to facilitate the reading and acting of Shakespeare’s text by those with dyslexia. Aiming to ascertain what is meant by the term dyslexia and how it is manifested, there is a focus on practice guided by theory and subject-specific knowledge. The researcher aims to improve the current situation by contributing to the scarcity of research about the teaching of acting students in higher education who are dyslexic,specifically in the reading and acting of Shakespeare.