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The International Conference on Cultural Empathy and Communicative Intelligence

Conference or workshop – Published 1st Jan 10

Sean Aita was a plenary speaker at the International Conference on Cultural Empathy and Communicative Intelligence hosted by the 2010 European-Off Meeting and Europe Art Space Platform, 6-9 May 2010, at Istanbul Archeology Museum, Turkey. Artists and academics, governmental bodies, cultural institutions and NGOs discussed the common future of Turkey and Europe in the cultural and artistic field, intercultural dialogue and cooperation projects and new opportunities for peace. Representatives from Cultural Contact Point Turkey, Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, Austrian Cultural Office and Italian Cultural Center, IETM and academics from various universities of Europe were among the plenary speakers of the conference.
The Conference provided an opportunity to promote intercultural dialogue; by establishing a conceptual framework for cultural and artistic exchange throughout Europe and the rest of the world; emphasizing the pioneering role of arts as a direct communication medium, and reflecting on the idea that Arts can be an effective tool to advance understanding and dialogue by creating new forms of communication.

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