Joel Lardner’s professional output

In new music we trust

Painting / illustration – Published 22nd Nov 04

In new music we trust’ is a piece of digital artwork for an advertising campaign commissioned by Fallon advertising agency on behalf of BBC Radio 1 to promote its new campaign slogan.

Lardner’s work was used on a national advertising campaign to promote a UK tour (22-25 November 2004) and a USA tour (11 March – 5 April 2005), for which a revised image was created. It was applied to the Radio 1 website, T-shirts and promotional items. The image was reused by Graniph T Shirt Company, Japan (May 2007).

Research imperatives: How can the iconography of youth subculture be explained to a wide audience by recognising the unique character of a social group that is often perceived as ‘uncultural’? Lardner’s solution – explored within this piece of work – was to produce a coat of arms for the radio station, incorporating objects relating to the contemporary rock music scene. The figurehead for the new initiative at the station was the D.J. Zane Lowe, and it was therefore appropriate that he should be a focus for the image. Within the work a dialogue is established between details that are identifiably and technically related to the production of music, and to other established cultural traditions such as portraiture and heraldry. By combining a technical visual library with fantastical elements associated with heraldry, emblems of the past are fused with modern references to the comtemporary live music experience. The work thus creates a new iconography for one particular aspect of popular culture.