Pete Tindall’s professional output

Forever Frankenstein

Workshop – Published 28th Oct 12

THE horrors of Mary Shelley’s famous work Frankenstein came to life at the weekend when special effects artist Peter Tindall created his own monster.

Shelley Manor provided the perfect setting for the talented Bournemouth Arts University College lecturer to show off the silicone mask he had spent more than a week moulding.

Peter, who lives in Westbourne and studied model making, spent his early career working in the film and television industry, using his skills to breathe life into various productions including The Wolfman, Dr Who, Batman Begins and Little Britain.

After painstakingly applying the 3D mask to a model, Peter, 45, said: “This is my vision of Frankenstein, it’s taken a lot of time but I’m happy with it. “Unfortunately, despite all the time and effort involved, the mask can only be used once so when I pull it off my model’s face it will be destroyed.”

The fascinating prosthetics talk and demonstration formed a chilling part of the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival Forever Frankenstein exhibition paying homage to Shelley’s nightmarish novel.