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For a City to Come: The Material of Takuma Nakahira’s Photography

Article – Published 1st Mar 15

This article regards the relationship between photography, the city and invisibility in view of Takuma Nakahira’s work at the turn of the 1970s.

Nakahira’s practice departed from the candid street photography and sought means to not only document but also induce social and political change. Having a strong theoretical grounding in the specific discourses developing in Japan at that time, the article argues how this practice is still significant to much of the present-day concerns with the potential of visual arts to envisage and produce new forms of urban habitation.

Publication details

Publication status Published
Publication title Lo Squaderno, No. 35, The Urban Invisibles
Publishers name professionaldreamers
Page range 17–21
ISSN 1973-9141