Dr. Kirsten Hardie’s professional output

Flockage; the Flock Phenomenon, Russell Cotes Museum and Art Gallery, Bournemouth

Exhibition or Installation – Published 4th Jan 08

Co-curator of the world’s first international multidisciplinary flock exhibition:  Flockage: the flock phenomenon, at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth – Jan. -Sep. 2008. (Co-curated with Pam Langdown). The exhibition attracted wide press coverage internationally and was accompanied by Flockage: the Flock Phenomenon Symposium, at Hotel Miramar, Bournemouth, Feb. 2007.

The exhibition brought together the work of various international designers, companies and organisations working in the flock industry, the higher education sector and the art world. The exhibition showcased a wide range of exhibits on loan from collections and companies. Exhibits from key design companies and manufacturer included, as examples, the work of Cole and Son (Wallpaper) Ltd, the Ashley Wilde Group, English Eccentrics, Johnny Egg, Bonar Floors, Anglepoise, Thomas and Vines Limited and Qualplast Limited. Flockage presented flock work by key artists/designers including; Elaine Igoe, Zoe Robertson, Girli Concrete and Natasha Lewer. The exhibition showcased work specifically commissioned for Flockage.

Flockage was awarded an Arts Council Award (exhibition funding).

The exhibition was awarded the the Textile Society’s Museum, Archive/Repository Award, 2007.