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Flock! Exhibition at the Atrium Gallery Bournemouth University, 6 Jan .- 28 Feb. 2020

Exhibition or Installation – Published 6th Jan 20

The Flock! exhibition at the Atrium Gallery, Bournemouth University is curated by Dr Kirsten Hardie, AUB Associate Professor and UK National Teaching Fellow. Flock! showcases the dynamic and diverse uses of flock. Flock! is on show from 6 January to 28 February 2020. Free admission. Open 8.00am – 8.00pm daily (closed Sundays)

Flock? – flock is an important surface treatment created by fine individual fibre strands (flock) applied to adhesive coated substrates (surfaces). From wallpaper to car interiors, clothing to paint rollers, flock is widely used. Whilst often mistaken as velvet and referred to as furry or fuzzy, flock has a number of qualities that make it enduring and endearing. Flock can provide a luxury finish; it can protect, insulate and reduce noise; it can provide an intricate and attractive decorative surface; it can aid the grip of an object; it can look and feel good. Flock is important

The exhibition showcases an array of designs including sumptuous contemporary flock wallpapers kindly donated by manufactures Cole and Son® (Wallpapers Ltd); Romo; and Graham and Brown. Examples include arresting wallpaper created by iconic designer Barbara Hulanicki for Graham and Brown. Lively wallpaper created by Virgin (UK) is on show. Flocked flooring by Forbo Flooring Systems presents examples of their contemporary Flotex Vision range – including the works of designers Philippe Starck and Tibor Reich. Flocked books provided by DK (Dorling Kindersley) – notably with braille and other surface finish designs – and by Phaidon are exhibited alongside a myriad of diverse flocked items that evidence flock’s versatile use. From shoes, fabrics, packaging and decorative designs to flocked chocolate and rocks, the exhibition encourages all to consider just how important and omnipresent flock is. A flocked ‘Shrewdinger’ created by AUB BA (Hons) Modelmaking alumnus Thomas Hughes (2014)  is on show –  the Shrewdinger is a hypothetical animal that is attempting to help describe earths first mammal. Thomas produced the piece for the Oxford Museum of Natural History. A large Sylvanian Families rabbit is kindly on loan from Epoch Making Toys Limited to show how flock can appeal in so many ways.

 Flock! is a unique exhibition and is based upon Dr Hardie’s ongoing research into flock and her extensive collection of all things flocked. Kirsten will present accompanying talks on flock during the exhibition’s duration and is curator an additional display of flock at Arts University Bournemouth MoDiP display cases (upstairs in the library) during February 2020 as part of AUB’s Museum of Design in Plastic consideration of plastic.

 The Flock! exhibition involves the Flock Association of Europe and brings together an array flock work – as generously provided by a number of companies, designers and manufacturers.