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Creative Futures -paper co-presented at The International Academic Forum annual conference Brighton, July 2018

Conference – Published 10th Jul 18

Paper ‘Creative Futures’ co-presented by K. Hardie and G.Hass at The European Conference on Arts and Humanities 9-11 July 2018, Jury’s Inn, Brighton 


Higher Education operates within significant, fluctuating social, cultural, economic and technological contexts that pose challenges, changes and uncertain futures for both students and staff. Changes and developments and demands also offer opportunities for proactive learning and teaching; as discussed by Healey et al. (2014, pp.9-11), transformative learning and teaching can be secured through student-staff partnerships. We advocate this perspective and in this paper evidence how participatory learning and teaching produces pro-active learners. This paper explores student-staff partnerships through the examination of a series of recent curricular and extra-curricular projects which involved numerous undergraduate courses at the Arts University Bournemouth. These activities were multifaceted and encompassed co-learning, co-designing, co-developing, co-research and co-inquiry (Healey et al., 2014. p.24). They also embraced the educational benefits of students and staff working collaboratively with the local community and businesses – public engagement (Wilson, 2017. p.6). This paper discusses how student-staff partnerships can seamlessly fuse key knowledge, expertise and skills and active learning to create a series of diverse, positive and productive outputs, which include exhibition design, curation, event management and design. While not providing absolute solutions to these challenging times, this paper examines how student-staff partnerships may better prepare all involved for uncertain futures. Healey, M., Flint, A. & Harrington, K. (2014) Engagement through partnership: students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education. York: Higher Education Academy. Wilson, P., Woolger, A., & Dodd, M. (2017) Students: Experience, Engagement and Communities. Report to HEFCE: York Consulting [online] Available from: www.yorkconsulting.co.uk [Accessed 4 November 2016] 



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