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Can Design Save The World?

Symposium – Published 10th Mar 15

‘Can Design Save The World?’ was a panel discussion chaired by Alice Stevens at Arts University Bournemouth.

The form can fit the function but can it save the world? Should designers design for good? The design for good movement promotes design as a force for social change. The power of design thinking can change the way people live, work and behave.

Design can help create a better, cleaner, fairer and more sustainable world. But is this what designers should be considering within their work? Is their job just to communicate ideas and realise beautiful, functional form, or should the process of design intervene directly in the political processes of society?

This event brought together four panelists to present their involvement in design for good and to discuss the context and complex issues around this subject.

Thomas Kolster, founder of The Goodvertising Agency & WhereGoodGrows, is an author and an international expert on sustainable communication. John-Paul Flintoff is an award-winning journalist, performer and activist.

His most recent book, How To Change The World, was published in collaboration with the London-based School of Life. Peter Phillips is a Product Designer and Design Council Mentor. Kate Andrews, a former student at AUB, is a consultant, coach and artist.

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