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Conference presentation: ‘Object based-learning in higher education and the Object-Based Learning Network’

Conference – Published 6th Dec 19

This presentation examined object-based learning (O-BL) in higher education and the use of objects to enhance and invigorate learning and teaching. As Chatterjee (2010, p.180) observes, “Objects can be employed in a variety of ways to enhance and disseminate subject specific knowledge, to facilitate the acquisition of communication, team working, practical,observational and drawing skills, and for inspiration”. Object-based learning can provide innovative,creative, enjoyable and memorable learning experiences.
The session discussed undergraduate and PGCE students’ engagement with objects, and in particular, the use of everyday objects in teaching to develop critical thinking and to use objects as a source for inspiration, design work and creative pedagogy.

Importantly the presentation introduced the Object-Based Learning Network- a newly formed group – that aims to forge a vibrant community of educators, students, museum professionals, curators, researchers, designers and people and organisations that are interested and involved in object-based learning. Notably the O-BL Network aims to support and promote O-BL, to encourage O-BL research and networking and to develop opportunities for collaborative O-BL activities. The session invited colleagues to join the Network and to help develop this new initiative.

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