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AUB Human and Future Thinking

– Published 14th Sep 17

Speaker at the Creative Learning Symposium (Sept 2017).

The presentation introduced AUB Human and offered potential areas for discussion and action. AUB Human will be a section of the main AUB website where we celebrate social, ethical and sustainable creative practice across the university. AUB Human connects designers, architects, filmmakers and other practitioners who share a desire to bring about positive change for global good through creativity.

AUB Human will offer a platform that will showcase student and staff work, as well as the wider achievements of Campus Services such as carbon offsetting of new students and AUBSU Tree Planting initiative. It will demonstrate critical engagement though practice and research, and will help build a profile of excellence within the areas of creative sustainable development.

AUB Human will project an outward facing commitment to Education for Sustainable Development, support student learning and offer inspiration and innovation in social, ethical and sustainable creative practices. AUB Human will help build and attract a network of external partners who will also contribute to student learning through collaboration, mentoring and future employment.

Phase 1 of AUB Human has been made possible by an AUB Teaching Fellowship Award.

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