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ABBE 2015 Post literacy, the haptic & artists’ books Conference, 16th – 18th July 2015.

Conference – Published 17th Jul 15

Re-imagining the picture book as a valid site for contemporary book art practices.

This paper recognizes a resurgent interest in the picture book as a valid site for contemporary art practice. It seeks to understand how new picture book artists choose not to pursue the familiar moralistic vernacular of children’s book publishing but rather establish a new critical methodology with which to interrogate and reappraise the picture book format.

An enthusiasm and reappraisal of vintage picture book artists such as Tomi Ungerer (The Three Robbers, 1961) and Heinz Edelmann (The Yellow Submarine, 1968) is recognized within the work of contemporary graphic artists such as Nobrow imprint, Flying Eye Books, which champions a new wave of innovative illustrators and authors. These limited editions and small runs realign conventional interpretations of the mass produced picture book format and present an opportunity for the agile creative practitioner to expand and disseminate ideas to a broader audience, also defying preconceptions of the artist book as a unique artefact.

25 min video presentation to conference.

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