Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014 publication with images, full colour Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014 artists. With Contributions from Professor Anita Taylor, Gavin Delahunty, Dr Janet McKenzie and Alison Wilding.

Published by Jerwood Visual Arts, 2014 – £8.00/£6.00 Student concession 70 pages, soft cover publication

  • The selectors for the 2014 included Jerwood Drawing Prize
  • Gavin Delahunty, Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Dallas Museum
  • Dr Janet McKenzie, Author and Co-editor of Studio International
  • Alison Wilding, RA Artist

“The selection was characterised by both instinct and certainty. Indeed the works seemed to choose us, to assert their presence amid the great volume of other works. The drawings chosen stood out by virtue of their capacity to move the viewer emotionally or metaphysically.”
Dr Janet McKenzie

“The brief of over 3,000 drawings to be looked at in less than two days made for an intense but exhilarating experience, and surprisingly there was plenty of time for forensic discussions amongst ourselves. I found my response to some of the drawings to be instinctive and visceral. The show will be intriguing, there are some beautiful drawings and some surprises.”
Alison Wilding RA

ISBN: 978-1-908331-17-5