I am from Japan and grew up with Japanese and western culture. I love painting, music and any types of arts

They become memorable when I see stories, attitude and dramas of life behind them. This idea is based on my way of thinking, which is “Life is art itself”.

Art is the trace of our mind. We can have the different point of view to make things better, that is why it is meaningful for all of us across the border. I hope my artworks can be the connection between the audience and me as a visual communicator.

I put messages in the combination of contrasting things, for instance, tradition and innovation, intensity and delicacy, Western and Japanese, personal and universal. They represent two sides of life.

“Imagine like a surrealist, paint like an expressionist.” This is one of my current goals as an artist.

I am interested in quotation and reinterpretation of modern art. Especially, surrealism and expressionism are useful to learn how to develop ideas and paint handling.

I have also enhanced the ability to make my paintings look contemporary. I make collages to see unexpected things to happen. I often use them to get unique ideas and test the colours or composition before painting.

Abstraction is also effective for losing control in an interesting way. I hope to pursue the possibility of painting between figurative and abstract art. Chance encounters always show me the new perspective. I use charcoal, acrylic, watercolour and other materials for drawing and painting.

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