Wen-Ting Lin started taking photographs seriously at the age of 20, mostly focusing on family and friends, especially her beloved grandfather

Knowing the uncertainty of life, she captured the intimacy between her and her grandfather, documenting his later life until he passed away last year.

After moving to Bournemouth to study photography, she started to seek out subjects that could relate to her grandfather to reduce the pain of her loss.

Wen-Ting specialises in portraiture and has a great interest in fashion photography, and she is currently working on a project that looks into ageism and how society oversimplifies the representation of the elderly.

She finds the restrictions that society imposes on the elderly in general, and women over 60 in particular, give her cause to worry about getting old. This fear of ageing motivated the work seen here, a fashion project addressing the invisibility of the older woman in public.

Wen-Ting was born and raised in Chaung Hua, Taiwan. She finished a bachelor’s degree in Business in National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology in 2016 but decided to pursue her passion for photography.

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