I am working following a reflective practice, where knowledge and understanding can be found in the process of praxis residing in the artefacts themselves

The combination of words, symbols and archetypes in my drawings, as well as psychological principles and individual needs, have an important role for the interpretation of the artwork’s meaning.

My main aim is to create a dialogue between my artwork and my research on Pentos, in a practice-led approach; so that together will produce new knowledge and a new point of view as regards loss and mourning and the role of art as a means of self-expression through the mourning period, based on both the art making and its products.

Therefore, a voice is given to the artefact/drawing through its interpretation, having put it first into the theoretical context of grieving, in order to turn it to a source and a method for the collection and preservation of information and understanding. In this sense I am working following a process of knowing-through-making.

I will, finally, extend this discussion to some of the central notions, concerns and interests that I am encountering while working on my own practice-led research. To name a few, the refusal to mourn, the similarities and differences in the way of grieving in different societies and ages, the role of tradition, religion and social media in the way we deal with our bereavement nowadays and so on.

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