Simon is a contemporary artist very much in thrall to the British tradition of the Romantic landscape painter

His work attempts to reconcile the traditional (popular) conception of art, as one might experience through the paintings of John Constable or J.M.W. Turner, with more oblique, experimental approaches.

The work that Simon produces is not medium specific, but instead is dependent upon the project. Often his work is photographic, but his output can and does include paint, collage, found objects, performances, installations, web-based art and writing.

​Taking the concept of alienation as a point of departure, Simon’s work is an attempt to reconnect with the environment through art and exploration.

Regarding the ideal landscape as less than a picturesque pastoral idyll and more as a psychological construct of; everyday occurrences, history, emotional attachments, geology, practical necessity, and personal narrative; Simon hopes to fully understand the landscape and thereby to access its significance.

On 6th November 2017 Simon walked the twenty-or-so miles between Southampton and Portsmouth along the Hampshire coast. The walk, intended to be at once; an art-performance, a personal experience, a secular pilgrimage and an autoethnographic study; included an attempt to document the memorial benches that line this stretch of Britain’s coast.

Simon’s current work tries (and fails) to communicate the subjective experience of this walk and its attendant body of documentation, into something that can be wholly understood on both the emotional and intellectual level, by another human being.

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