My paintings are ambiguous; I try to engage the audience by encouraging an open interpretation, that’s personal to each individual

I see my practice as abstracted representations of my joyful personality, I like to express this through the use of bright colours and expressive mark making, they are a projection of my energy experienced at the time.

Being gestural with movement in the marks, heightens bodily energy and causes the illusion of movement within the coloured forms and marks confusing the viewer as to what is in front and what’s behind.

I treat each multiple surface I paint on including dust sheets the same and collage them together to create an immersive space amplifying spatial illusion and depth within the work. The juxtaposition of form and colour collaborates to create varying compositions.

I use colour as a way to communicate to the viewer, through colour relation, form, composition and emotion. I aim to paint from intuition, trusting in myself to allow mark and gesture to flow freely from the unconscious mind. I paint without structures and guidelines, painting with an open mind.

My intention is to put colour on a surface and see where that takes me. I enjoy the aspect of unknowing what could happen and the excitement of undiscovered potentialities that could suggest new applications or formulations within my practice. The painting is a journey for each piece, I think in action, allowing my actions to be driven by the requirements of my practice.

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