My work mainly addresses sociological issues and explores the human condition with my family playing a central role to my work

I’ve always been drawn to things that most normal people would not want to document and that I don’t understand and photography is a beautiful way for me to explore that.

My current project is an investigation of the psychological landscapes of both myself and my family as a result of my mum being diagnosed with secondary brain cancer.

The project in its nature is a therapeutic collaboration for us all and shows the intimate moments shared together.  I hope that the images will reveal the loving complexion shared among our family whilst also exposing the struggles and pain caused by such an experience.

Despite the subject being intensely personal, the images transcend that specificity and tell a more universal narrative about love, family, loss, and mortality that any viewer could understand. The work is raw and shows a certain vulnerability without being too sentimental.

My work has been displayed internationally as part of The New York Photography Festival and exhibited nationally as part of the Beyond the Lens Festival: Photoblock, The Guardian & Observer Archive and Visitor Centre, AOP Gallery and at The Candid Arts Trust Gallery.

Work from my documentary God Has No Favourites has been selected as part of the Family Photography Now Instagram project led by the Photographers Gallery.

I will be exhibiting my work as part of The Royal Photographic Society’s International Photography Exhibition 161 2018.

I have been selected as an AOP finalist in 2017 and 2018 and am one of the 100 winners for Portrait of Britain 2018. My work is featured in the first Portrait of Britain book published by Hoxton Mini Press and will be displayed on JCDecaux screens nationwide from September 2018.

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