This project explores the relentlessness of time, as well as our individual experiences of time, facilitated by using the universal experience of reading as a conceptual metaphor

Through this series of reading challenges, it is hoped that the audience will reflect on their own experience of time and how this affects their lives. By exploring the links between reading and life, some of the experiments will aim to highlight the consequences of not taking action in our lives, which can lead to a state of atrophy.

Ordinarily, time within the act of reading is controlled by the reader – how long they take to read a page, when they choose to read and how long they read for in total. However, in this project, the control of time will be taken away from the reader, creating a somewhat warped experience.

The series of experiments explore traditional and contemporary reading methods, looking at digital and print based texts. All texts used within this project have a strong connection to time and/or the work of philosopher Henri Bergson, whose ideas about the differences between time and duration have formed the basis for this investigation.

It is perplexing that we have to ‘make time’ to read, and as a result it often feels like a luxury when we allow ourselves these brief moments of respite in our hectic daily schedules. Some people experience joy and a sense of escapism during these periods of time, while others are plagued by a sense of guilt, a feeling that they should be doing something ‘more important’.

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