As a perpetual learner, Kelly J Morgan has spent the last twelve years in higher education, studying Art in three different countries.

Morgan has achieved a Bachelors in Illustration, Fine Art, (Hons) Costume and Performance Design, a one-year Certificate in Fashion, and is soon to be a graduate of the MA Fine Art programme at Arts University Bournemouth.

As an artist whose work takes many forms, most commonly three-dimensional, she focuses on identity through attire while utilising transferable skills from her diverse background, generating items that often incorporate and/or re-appropriate found objects.

Her recent works blend Costume and Fine Art through the manufacturing of corsets and other household items out of vintage hand-embroidered tablecloths; purposing questions of the feminine ideal, women’s work and domesticity.

Upon recently learning that Arts University Bournemouth has granted her an endorsement for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa, Morgan, American born, will continue to reside in the UK to start her own millinery business.

The brand, Moth Ball Millinery, will advocate low waste by working with remnants, vintage, and discarded materials to produce limited quantities rather than mass-producing.

By allowing each artistic practice to influence the other, Morgan plans to continue making work for galleries, alongside her hat business. Above all, she is excited to see where her work will take her next.

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