Professionally, I am a practising Designer, Educator, Technician, Jeweller, and Social Activist

My work reflects my varied interests in topics that range from corporate branding to social awareness, and all points in between.

As a Graphic Design student, my current work is focused on the mechanisms of propaganda and how everything from government-sponsored hate campaigns, to corporate advertising utilises the same set of psychological tools to manipulate a target audience to think a particular way.

I wondered if the same powerful psychological tools could be used to deprogram some of this forced perspective, and open people up to other possibilities, perhaps even give them an opportunity to think freely about a subject they had been manipulated to think a particular way about previously.

Creatively, I use a lot of bold colour and materials in my work, and I enjoy creating interactivity, either through passive means where viewers can interact physically with a piece, or through technology where interaction invokes unique outcomes.

As a Design Technician, I draw upon a large wealth of technical abilities and knowledge to create interesting projects in a range of materials, media and methods.

On some days I may be working purely digitally, creating 2D or 3D imagery; maybe even developing interactive applications, websites, Augmented Reality, etc, while on other days I might be working more traditionally, making physical objects like books, silver jewellery, prints, product prototypes, or large-scale installations.

Personally though, I just enjoy making things that help to improve people’s lives.

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