My practice currently focuses on exploring the ocean and ethology and biology of marine organisms as a metaphorical domain for the current zeitgeist of our social era

Our culture is deeply self-indulgent with ourselves and our online presence as the central importance. My research aims to explore use of social networks, especially within Generation Z who have been brought up with the Web 3.0, and discuss the way these networks are able to manipulate and warp reality for individuals using them.

I explore the unawareness of how our online habits are manipulated into a creating a utopian world for us as individuals, as we blissfully emit and input data into our ever-growing Cybercircles, which create an echo chamber enveloping us, keeping reality and perspectives on the outside of our awareness. How can we see through the depths of fake news and personalised perspectives?

The ocean is my metaphorical domain, acting as a consistent visual metaphor for the interpretation of our current zeitgeist. I focus on the ethology and biology of oceanic organisms, and interpret them as behaviours within our society as we coerce through the social era, questioning the concepts of teamwork, protests, individuality, communication and most importantly, awareness and perspective.

As we drift along with our society, it questions who really has the power, and why is this power often invisible. As the tide pushes jellyfish through the waters, potentially to the shore, are we currently the pelagic jellyfish?

We have become lost in a fake world and cannot see the reality outside.

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