I am an illustrator, a maker in 2D and 3D and an educator whose practice is rooted in twenty years work of professional modelmaking

I am always influenced by innovative ways of thinking, new materials, new techniques and academic examination.

My work seeks to raise questions about everyday space and our place within it, establishing a discourse between what is considered scientific and the emotional experience. I respond to academic research and the simplicity of natural systems, attempting to build a cohesive relationship between art and science.

I am interested in mechanical devices and mapping the transformations they describe in space and time, and visually conversing through drawing. Using inspirational research I react to scientific and technical discoveries from any genre to help me create new developments and new outcomes in my practice.

The importance of creation within my practice is paramount. Using exploration and experimentation to make from a broad range of media, I will always create bespoke materials if I can’t find the right one for me.

I am always wanting my viewer to experience my work, making a visceral, tactile engagement with my objects and drawings, providing an important physical connection to the outcomes.

My outcomes are both 2D and 3D with experimentation in mechanical systems and an appreciation of ‘materials technology’ a key. Just as a traditional artist chooses their medium, I use a technical understanding of my materials to influence my outcomes.

My current practice is looking at stories held within shadows.

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