MA Graphic Design students have been talking to AUB after their MA Show in the Northlight Studios. Here Anuja Khandelwal discusses her work

Can you tell us a bit about your work?

You must have experienced this, when you go to museums there are people taking selfies and not indulging in the art. They are skimming through the gallery and just waiting to take pictures, which is becoming a problem when other people who want to indulge in art can’t. It is an epidemic which is happening right now and I’ve looked at the problem and tried to come up with a solution.

My initiative is Art Appreciation and it includes working with an existing platform, which is Instagram, because I think there are so many apps already, creating one more app wouldn’t solve the issue. Art Appreciation is about appreciating the value of the art. Here I’m talking about beauty or aesthetic terms of the art, which increases when people share opinions and thoughts about what they like about art. It’s just basic opinion sharing which is what social media is made for.

What you do is use hash tags and there are Art Appreciation tags that are hanging in the museums and people can take them. All you need to do is look at the art, take away the tag, scan the QR code and get the hash tag and the picture on Instagram, then comment on what you feel like. That gets aggregated onto the Art Appreciation screens which are in the museum and everyone else can what you thought about it. So it’s not just directed to Instagram users, it’s going everywhere and it’s solving the problem of mindlessly taking pictures.