The body of work I have produced for the MA in Commercial Photography, consists of a collection of black and white C-Type prints and a short black and white video documentary “Steve: A life re-imagined”

Steve’s candid retelling of his story, detailing his past misfortunes and misdemeanours, is documented through video and still images in timeless black and white.

Steve is the main subject in this short video documentary and follows his on-going progress and fight against addiction and his criminal past, as he carves out a possible future, in the world of furniture reclamation, redesign, up-cycling and restoration.

The reason for undertaking this work, is to bring awareness concerning the true situation within contemporary Prisons. That although we call them, ‘Correctional Facilities’ and we talk about ‘Rehabilitation’, in relation to these institutions, how affective are they?

Social Justice, by its very nature applies to all individuals equally, prisoners still have rights and more so have the right to rehabilitative processes and rehabilitation. If creative pursuits in prison or on release are available to convicted individuals, re-offending rates drop.

Additionally, to have a much more informed understanding of the current position of penal reform, more specifically the use of art and design and creative activities, to help in the process of rehabilitation.

To be able to make reference to these issues, through a body of work that would not look out of place in a contemporary market, that deals with social issues and be equally at home, positioned on an Art Gallery wall.

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