MA Fine Art students have been talking to AUB after their MA Show in the Northlight Studios. Here Alexx Haley discusses her work

Can you tell us a bit about your work?

I’ve got two pieces of work, one’s called Gigantic Represents Infinite and the other is Miniature Represents Closure. Both of them idolise the idea of the home – I focused on grids and how we surround ourselves with objects, scents and colours to personalise the home – I’ve tried, within my work, to simplify that down to three symbolic things.

Within my home the colour mustard was relevant and this is actually based on my mother and a memory of me when I was a child. One of the pieces is sprayed with my mum’s perfume. So, for me this embodies this idea of the home and how I remember it.

The other piece is six pieces of fabric – each are different and they are hung like a coat rack, so again there’s the idea of the home and they are hung at an appropriate height as they would be. Each coat would be different as you and I would have different jackets, different colours and different fabrics. They also contain the grid I’ve already mentioned – the grid I made was through a series of me researching ideal rooms from Ikea and my new home, and other people’s homes for a series of drawings and that’s now printed on fabric.