As a multi-disciplinary artist, I explore the everyday shifts, gaps and moments that usually pass us by unnoticed

Through an element of observation and response, I draw the attention of others by ‘filling’ time and space. A hyper-sensitivity to the subtle mark or detail leads to a magnified perspective which translates into my work.

Notices might find themselves re-fixed to the wall beneath the board that had originally supported them, or perhaps a handmade piece of paper screams for the attention it deserves.

I intend to share the embodied experiences I have with the spaces I inhabit as well as use these moments and gaps within observations to be the trigger that enables my practice to develop.

Since studying my master’s degree in Fine Art, I have been increasingly interested in the documentation of space and how it can be seen as a material, a surface and tool to contemporary art practice.

My most recent work, I wish I painted birds, comments upon two responses to the North Light studios. A confident, yet awkwardly installed tiled sculpture, placed within a pre-existing hole within the studio wall, contrasts a meter-long ruler that sits patiently waiting for recognition.

Site-specific, yet forming relationships between internal and external spaces, the piece explores the potential that forms when taking a moment to really look and see.

My practice is a proof of existence, not only for myself but for the materials, spaces, objects and processes that I encounter.

When the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

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