Event date: 17th December
Event time: 

HEA Workshop at AUB: ‘Happenings and knowledge promenades: working cross discipline’

Colleagues from numerous disciplines and institutions joined in this HEA funded workshop to explore the contributions that Happenings and Knowledge Promenades can make to learning and teaching and how key examples can be used cross discipline.

The  event was co-facilitated by 5 National Teaching Fellows –  Jan Sellers, Clive Holtham, Gordon Ramsay, Laura Ritchie and Kirsten Hardie.

Jan Seller’s large illuminated labyrinth situated in the Graphics studio provided dynamic focus and labyrinth creation sessions enabled delegates to draw and walk their chalked examples and to consider the labyrinth as a tool for reflection and creative learning.

Workshop sessions included how to play a cello – a satisfying experience – and  the consideration of Happenings and Knowledge Promenades through delegates’ exploration and critical consideration of activities including their lively exploration of the AUB campus.

The event proved to be a delightful mix of activities that stimulated consideration of how learning and teaching can be enhanced through the use of Happenings and Knowledge Promenades.