The Museum of Design in Plastics, based at AUB, is inviting school children to visits its latest exhibition, Polyphonic: Music Through Plastics.

This project, entitled Expression Through Music, is part of a wider project: w-Rap. W-Rap is the result of a successful Arts Council bid to develop a creative music project exploring the light and dark faces of plastics.

MoDiP is able to accommodate four schools during the following four dates in June. Each school can bring two classes of 30-35 pupils:

Mon 4th June
Weds 6th June
Tues 12th June
Thurs 14th June

Sessions run from 10am – 12noon and then from 1pm – 3pm.

The word polyphonic describes music that is created by the coming together of different voices. These voices could be generated by humans, traditional instruments, or electronically.

This exhibition explores how music can be played, broadcast, and listened to through plastics.

Musical instruments made of plastics materials are robust, offer excellent sound qualities, and are less sensitive to changes in the environment than their traditional equivalents.

The project will allow pupils and teachers to see the benefits of learning outside the classroom and how object based learning can inspire and have an impact on the lives of those involved.


The first session will take place in the museum and will allow pupils to engage with the exhibition guided by Sarah Jane Stevens, Museum Engagement Officer.

Pupils will have the opportunity to draw their favourite instrument and write why they like it to share with the group. The final aspect of this session will give pupils the opportunity to express themselves through music by handling and playing instruments made of plastic. They will have the opportunity to play an instrument loud, quiet, and slow or fast.

The second session will be led by Music Educator, Nick Crump, who will be working to support pupils in making an instrument out of recycled plastic, a ‘Membranophone’.

Pupils will play their instrument and take part in a competition to re-name the instrument, with the winning name announced at the end of the project.

About Nick Crump, music educator

Nick is an experienced musician/soloist. He has delivered various educational shows for children with a wide age range. He has previously run workshops making instruments with children in schools or arts centres.

expression through music and w-rap

This project, Expression Through Music, forms part of a larger project w-Rap led by Karen Wimhurst Composer / Artistic Director. The project is the result of a successful Arts Council bid whereby Karen will develop a creative music project exploring the light and dark faces of plastics.

Karen, a freelance musician, composer and educationalist, has developed a strong track record in managing collaborative projects with excellent innovative musical outcomes.

w-Rap will create outstanding experimental multi-platform artistic experiences to engage young people creatively and stimulate debates on the planet’s future. Young people, led by the Karen and supported by professional musicians, will respond to the paradox of plastics developing a score using plastic instruments and waste.

This score will be recycled into a soundscape for an expressionist music theatre piece. Alongside the performances, there will be lectures and workshops on the role of plastics in the 21st century.

The three iterations of the score will be freely available and united on vinyl and preserved in the MoDiP collection.