Following projects with Rihanna, Goldie and Dizzee Rascal, renowned Urban Artist ‘Soap’ was commissioned by The Arts University Bournemouth for its latest campaign to advertise the Arts University’s Open Days this Autumn.


His canvas was a huge 20 foot by 8 foot poster site in Bournemouth, Dorset which he spray painted over a four-day period at the beginning of October. The creation of the billboard by the artist will now sit at the centre of a campaign that combines this live ‘art happening’ with social media, outdoor, PR and digital.

Unlike Banksy, the Urban Artist ‘Soap’ does have a name – Adam Klodzinski. He began painting 15 years ago in Poland with an underground crew, but since moving to England five years ago, has created a name for himself in the legitimate urban art world, with many celebrities including Example and Mista Jam from Radio One Extra being big fans of his work.


Simon Pride, Head of Marketing and Communications at the Arts University commented “We gave Adam an open brief to create a design under the headline Open Days that Open Doors. We wanted to create a campaign that made a statement about the world of opportunity that the Arts University opens up for its students.

The Arts University competes with the top specialist art schools in the country on all levels – including employability and student satisfaction. The real marketing challenge is how to engage the attention of 16/17 year olds considering their next step – an audience that is increasingly hard to reach with traditional media channels.

Through using outdoor posters in this innovative way, we wanted to create an event that would capture the imagination of our audience. The event itself was filmed as it happened and a number of current and prospective students became involved with it via twitter and facebook which was the ultimate goal for the start of the campaign.”


Adam, who sells his work through the Metropolis Art Gallery in Westbourne and Shoot Photographic Studios in Bournemouth commented “It was great to create something for the Arts University Bournemouth in this medium, as I like the public to engage with my work, which is what they did over the four-day period. During the ‘art happening’ I entered the mindset of a student to visually show potential students what they will experience when they step onto their creative campus.”

This unique approach to advertising was an exciting creative experience – and probably the first of its kind in the south. The billboard is now on display until 16th October, when it will spread to bus adshells alongside a timelapse video that was filmed during the live event.

For more information and to view the continuation of this campaign, please visit our Facebook page.