An intriguing set of artworks that might be more than familiar to AUB undergraduate students have appeared on walls at AUB’s Foundation Foyer.

The work, which has been displayed around the communal spaces of AUB’s Foundation area, is an instance of ‘unintentional or incidental art’ whereby materials adorning student working areas used during Foundation’s first term project chance, have been collected and curated into an exhibition that demonstrates the thinking processes involved in art development.

Developed over the course of eight weeks, around 300 students have contributed to the musings, which among them feature sketches and doodles of a variety of objects, designs, maps and textures.

Luke Jackson, Lecturer of Theory and Contextual Studies and Academic Study Skills at AUB, said: “With the exhibition, we really wanted to demonstrate the psychological space of the maker; as well as the ideas expressed within our studio – a site of layered thoughts and reactions.

“It’s almost cartographic and there’s a real sense of cognitive exploration and the oscillation in the work. These are emerging narratives that offer the opportunity to see, on the page, how meetings of chance can lead to other work, with students collaborating with one another’s thoughts, feelings and expressions.”