Hannah Salisbury studied BA (Hons) Textiles at AUB, graduating in 2016 and has gone on to work for menswear brand Pretty Green.

Here, Hannah tells us about her time at AUB, not getting too acclimatised to university life, and what it’s like being a creative in the working world.

“I really enjoyed studying at AUB, its size and layout felt more like a community than a university” says Hannah.

“When I first looked around the university on an open day the studios were being extended and they were getting lots of new equipment, so I knew then that I wanted to be one of the first to try it all out!

“One of the things I found great was the amount of studio access time we were allowed, which was especially handy near deadlines!

“Another of the great things about AUB was having the opportunity to use other courses equipment and studios as well as collaborating with students, this is when you really get to experiment and push the boundaries”.

When thinking about the move from uni life to working life, Hannah says the transition was a difficult one.

“The transition from university to working life was difficult, I got comfortable with uni life and it took time to adjust. You never know what’s going to happen when you leave and I think that is the scariest bit.

“I took a few months in between graduating and finding a job to travel and volunteer in India, which was amazing”.

Hannah started off her post-uni working life at a company that supplied bespoke personalised gifts using laser machines to Not on the Highstreet. Using a laser cutter was a skill she learnt at AUB.

During this time, Hannah continued to look for something closer to what she spent her time at university studying towards.