BA (Hons) Modelmaking graduates held their London Summer Show, New Blades, on 14th June. Graduate, Tom Wagstaff created an optical illusion based on a representation of what magnetic fields look like, a bison and a bowl that smells of Parmesan cheese, so we just had to ask him about them.

Can you tell us a bit about your work?

Tom created a visual representation of what magnetic fields would look like, using rare earth magnets, motor oil and carrier fluid, amongst other things. The way the pebbled background and the magnetic fluid work together creates an optical illusion that tricks the mind, Tom said.

“It is mainly aimed at getting kids more excited by science and showing that science can almost be like science fiction. I came here last year and there was only one interactive model in the show – I wanted people to come and have a go with it, experience it.”

Tom also created a bison head for Buffalo Bar in Bournemouth and used a very unusual Mexican hardwood that is purple and smells like Parmesan cheese to create a bowl. The wood grows in wet, boggy conditions and dries very slowly, creating a very hard wood.

How was your time at AUB?

“The facilities are seriously good. The techs were by far the best. Overall, I had a seriously good time.”

What’s next?

Tom said he would see what opportunities came from the New Blades Summer Show and was also interested in metal working and making his own pieces.

Graduates from BA (Hons) Modelmaking are now working in an exciting range of careers, from Formula 1 to Star Wars. To find out more and for information on how to apply for the 2018 intake, follow this link.