BA (Hons) Interior Design and Architecture graduates have been talking to AUB after their London Summer Shows. Here Abbi Greenland discusses her work

Can you tell us about your work?

I started off choosing this competition called Creative Conscience, and it’s all about designing with a conscience and using our skills as designers. I chose my issue to be food waste and through my research I found that millennials are typically extremely wasteful because we’re not connected to food in the way that we were. I looked at the war and how when you don’t have food how much you really appreciate it.

I looked at what millennials want from this food experience and I created this experience that people go on. They start off at this olfactory discovery and it’s all about reconnecting you with your senses, so they smell different smells and then based on your own aroma profile you get recommended a meal so it’s less likely you’re going to waste it.