BA (Hons) Modelmaking graduates held their London Summer Show, New Blades, on June 14th. Graduate, Charlotte Rees talks about her time at AUB, what the future has in store and her creations including, amongst other items for her third year, a mask of Aslan the Lion from Narnia.

Can you tell us a bit about your work?

“I created an Aslan costume for theatre. The mask is made from carbon fibre so it’s lightweight. I did a lot of research so that it was comfortable for the actors to wear – the inside is lined so you can’t actually feel a thing.

“The more research I did, the more I was drawn to Aslan and Narnia. There’s a lot behind the books that people don’t realise is there, about religion and things I hadn’t thought about before, so it was a very personal journey.”

Charlotte also created six watches for her external brief. This was for a friend on the BA (Hons) Film Production course who was shooting a World War One film and needed the watches to progressively look more worn throughout the film. For this, Charlotte used leather from an old sofa, treating and sanding it to make it look more worn.

How was your time at AUB?

“I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learnt to socialise a lot better. I had a few collaborations with the animation courses – including one in the second year where I made 60 bright pink, florescent mushrooms in one weekend.”

What were the high points and low points?

“There’s a lot you have to do on your own back – the more you push yourself, the more you get out of it. Work experience is key – it shows afterwards, it’s the people you know in the industry that will help you get another job. The more people you meet and talk to and work with, the more you will learn.”

Graduates from BA (Hons) Modelmaking are now working in an exciting range of careers, from Formula 1 to Star Wars. To find out more and for information on how to apply for the 2018 intake, follow this link.