BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduates have been talking to AUB after their London Summer Shows. Here Harriet Roberts discusses her work

Can you tell us about your show?

My brief was about writing women into history. I did it all about my mum, celebrating her life through the things that she’s done and was the first to do. I did that in an exhibition and I created two books. I did a personal insights one, which was her friends and family who knew her and I did an official one, about her time at the BBC. When you leave the BBC you then get a journal that they inscribe and everyone write a message. It’s huge, like an encyclopaedia, and when I was little I used to flick through it, so I thought I’d use it for the project. I got all of their handwriting from it and have blown it up and I’ve got it in the book here at the show. It’s a celebration of my mum’s strength and what represented her as a woman – rather than wavering and bending she just took things head on. I also did a project on burns, looking into fabrics. I decided to grow my own fabric, and I made it from Kombucha, a Chinese health drink. You brew it and the bacteria from the green tea and sugar creates a fabric and if you dry it out it is like leather. But I decided not to dry it out as it’s not hydrophobic, so if clothes made from it get water on them they just fall off you. So I thought about what could it be used for wet and I know a few people who’ve had severe burns in the past and with a burn you have to keep the wound moist and wet constantly, so I looked into making it with hyaluronic acid in it that would help with the healing process and I got shortlisted for a Creative Conscience Award for that.