BA (Hons) Fine Art graduates talked to AUB after their London Summer Shows. Here Laura Medcalf discusses her work

Can you tell us about your work?

I make cyanotype prints. I work with the environment and the Dorset and Jurassic coastline. I collect plant foliage and I am looking in to the migration of plants. There’s no such thing as the origin of a plant or origin of a species as we’ve migrated so much, and through colonisation and our interaction with our natural surroundings. I managed to contact Bournemouth Council, and they cut the biggest leaf from the Upper Gardens, a leaf which resembles the coastline of Bournemouth. I cut it in half and used a UV machine and exposed it in the sea water. Around it is English coastline foliage, which is considered to be local, but you never know what’s local. I also work with sand, and expose sand and sea foam, and I play around with the duration. With this photo, involves a sensitive chemical I made from scratch. As it exposes in the sun light on the beach, it dries onto the paper, and then I wash it off in the water. It creates an imprint, so the ephemeral becomes a print. So I make prints of the ephemeral and recontextualise the ephemerality of our surroundings. I also worked with snow. I took advantage of when it snowed earlier this year. I painted, coated the paper and then made snow balls, and I played around with the duration of the melting of the snow and exposed that. Again I played around with the hue of the blue and at the end it all ends up in the sea.