BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design graduates have been talking to AUB after their London summer shows. Here Hiba Al Hussein discusses her work

Can you tell me about your work?

The last project I worked on my own was As If. That was based and adapted from As You Like It, by William Shakespeare. It was a movement piece so it was based on what the actors can do with the set and how that can be adapted through the rehearsal process. The last project I did, Fermented Honey, that was with Alex Barras, so we both collaborated with Set and Costume and that was good because we both could play into each other. The director Lee Hart wanted something that had to do with the structure and freedom of the script of the book. We didn’t have a script at first so we had to go within the rehearsal process to how it would work. Then we came up with the fabrics to represent the freedom of it and we had a grating system that would move doors and hinges and windows. It was a dance piece that collaborated with religion and exorcism and slavery.