BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design Lecturer, Sarah Magill, was recently awarded the Association of Dress Historians (ADH) Award for her research based on Women’s Clothing, Manufacture and Design during the Second World War

The Association of Dress Historians is a charity that supports scholarship in dress history by international conferences, prizes, and awards for researchers and the publication of The Journal of Dress History. Founded in 1991, the ADH encourage the start of conversations, exchange of ideas, and promoting new and exciting research in the field, making it accessible to everyone.

Sarah teaches costume interpretation and design on the BA (Hons) Costume and Performance Design course. A keen dress-maker and fan of all things vintage, she first explored vintage dressmaking at university, she submitted her article on wartime dress to the ADH after having the opportunity to revisit the subject through her Research at AUB.

Sarah explained:

“I’d submitted papers for conferences that were based on wartime dress, and I’d also written the book ‘Making Vintage 1940s Clothes for Women’, which was much more of a textbook – so it touched on the contextual history, but didn’t go into technical detail in academic terms. The book was an accessible book for everyone, geared towards dressmakers more than academics.

“So this article was a result of those papers combined, and it all stemmed from my MA back in 2005. So we’re talking about 13 years ago when this obsession with wartime dress began!”

Sarah’s article, entitled Standardised or Simplified? The Effect of Government-Imposed Restrictions on Women’s Clothing Manufacture and Design During the Second World War, was published in The Journal of Dress History on 11 July 2018.