Contemporary art exhibition, Joy Before the Object manipulates viewer perception at Seventeen Gallery, London.

Curated by Hoxton Distillery and supported by Arts University Bournemouth, Joy Before the Object focuses on artwork that emphasises or documents the placing, nudging and kneading of material, in the form of photography, sculpture, video, painting, or various hybrids. The work encourages the viewer to take pleasure in the results of others’ activity and recognise in them their own contingency, their own analogous subjectivity.

The subjectivity of the exhibition showcases various different topics from a collection of artists, including Simon Cunningham and Richard Paul, two members of staff from the Photography subject area at AUB.

Simon Cunningham’s ‘Duckrabbit’ poses the same perceptual problem as the famous two-dimensional illustration, with the additional complication of tactility and form. The ambiguous image known as the Rabbit – Duck illusion is given substance by Cunningham as a taxidermied sculpture. It’s hard not to reach for this impossible object, turn it over in your hands, to better understand it through touch. Simultaneously one and other, the work is an inscription of difference within the same.