BA (Hons) Photography graduate Shannon Mundy has been nominated for the South West Photography Graduate Prize CIC 2017.

Shannon’s work has been chosen alongside 7 other artists to be exhibited at The Truman Brewery in London between the 12th-15th October.

Shannon’s series of work that will be exhibited explores the core focus on both aesthetics and current issues in society. Through the exploration of food psychology, science and choice, colour theory and consumerism through the movements, her work studies the idea of food habits and choices people make alongside the desirable need of supplementation in the Western world.

Explaining her work, she said:

“Both areas of my work deal with the westernisation of the human diet and how although we may be fortunate to have access to almost any edible source on the planet we have abused the advantages of the luxury.

I have two takes on my idea, one series being involved in the use of supplementation and the contrast between the western world and the rest of the world, in terms of access to both real food and supplementation. The second side of my work looks at individual habits and eating choices in the western world.”

For more information about the prize see Fotonow.