BA (Hons) Photography graduates talked to AUB after their London Summer Shows. Here Kezia Blain discusses her work

Can you tell us a bit about your work?

It was inspired by Andy Grunberg’s essay The Crisis of the Real. I’ve always been interested in this idea of unobtainable objectivity in contemporary photography. His essay looks at ideas of postmodernism and within it there’s a passage that talks about metaphorical woods. It says “we enter the woods as prisoners of our preconceived idea of the woods and what we bring back on film merely confirms our preconceptions”. So the whole project is a literal interpretation of entering the woods and I’ve also looked at historical art pieces as references. I wanted to start with something non-representational, then take it to the woods. I looked at Malevich’s Black Square painting, which was the first painting that was non-representational. I then took a black glossy print to the woods. I would scrape it against things in the woods, whether that was bark or thorns and that manipulated the surface of the paper, then I would hold that in the woods and photograph it. The print reflected the light so you’ve got pieces of the sky, the woods and also shadows.