BA (Hons) Photography student, Isobel Foster is currently exhibiting her work at Hamburg’s Gudberg Nerger gallery. Presently in her third year of study at AUB, Isobel has a love for both photography and art which really comes across in her work.

Isobel’s relationship with the gallery began after reaching out to the owner who is in the same industry as her father. She initially got in contact hoping for some career and portfolio advice, but happily things developed further and the exhibition was born.


We caught up with Isobel to find out more about her exhibition and creative process, she had this to say:

“I’m really interested in materiality and the ‘Photograph’ as a physical object and have pursued these themes throughout university. When creating the series ‘Woman’ I was thinking a lot about how we perceive beauty in society and perhaps whether this obsession with the ‘Beautiful’ is a little dangerous.”


“To create the images I photographed women on 35mm monochromatic film and then used fire to distort and warp the negative. I wanted to demonstrate the reckless side of beauty and how damaging the effects can be.

I printed through these in the darkroom. Each time the negative is handled it partially breaks away or changes. Each image is therefore unique and can’t be recreated – like every woman.”

Gudberg Nerger is a gallery in Hamburg, Germany, established in 2014. The modern gallery displays contemporary art and design based work from international artists specialising in photography, painting, illustration and design.

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Images: Isobel’s ‘Woman’ photography series at the Gudberg Nerger gallery; a headshot of Isobel.