BA (Hons) Commercial Photography graduates have been talking to AUB after their London Summer Shows. Here Faysal Hassan discusses his work

Can you tell me about your work?

My whole work, in terms of what I personally stand for, has always been about empowerment for females. I always love to make women look really powerful within my imagery. That really stems from the values that I respect in terms of the strongest women in my life. That comes from my mum, my nan and my auntie. It has been the backbone of my work and it is the reason it has taken the trajectory it has. In my whole aesthetic I like it to be dark but I love the contrast with colours. So if someone is photographed against a darker wall or a darker background there’ll be a lot of fusion with colours – bright fluorescent reds, yellows, oranges. They really bring in that tension and that comes in from my cultural side of things. I was born in England but my mum was born in Pakistan where there’s a very colourful and vibrant culture. I wanted to bring that aesthetic within it as well.