Alumni Christina Evans and Joe Walker have collaborated on Pample-mousse magazine, a platform for contemporary photography.

Christina graduated from BA (Hons) Photography in 2014, and Joe from BA (Hons) Architecture in 2015.

Pample-mousse initially began as an online platform, and has now evolved into a printed magazine. The magazine will launch at with their first exhibition ‘I Told You So’, which is part of Photomonth, East London Photography Festival.

Christina talks about the project:

Could you tell us a little bit about the publication?

“I have always been interested in printed matter and self-publishing: magazines, photobooks, zines and loved the idea of making my own magazine. After receiving such a positive response from the online platform I spoke to Joe about him designing the first issue.

“The magazine has enabled me to combine my love of printed material with curatorship. I sent out an open call opportunity on a variety of websites which I submit my own photographic practise to and received submissions from all over the world, including Australia, France, Greece, Germany, Romania, Russia and USA. Now connecting our online features to paper, the magazine consists of photo-essays, interviews, single images and studio visits.”

How did you and Joe come together to collaborate on this?

“We have played with the idea of collaborating together for a while and, after Pample-mousse began to flourish, we thought that this would be the perfect opportunity. I graduated in 2014 from BA (Hons) Photography and Joe undertook his degree BA (Hons) Architecture.

“Both being pro-active, naturally we wanted to collaborate together. Pample-mousse is a growing network of artists and would not be possible to do as an individual. The fact that we are in a relationship and both live together has enabled us to work on our magazine develop an autonomous workflow. Granted, it’s always important to know when to divide your time up between work and play.”

How did you find your time studying at AUB?

“I really enjoyed my time at AUB, particularly studying under the wing of Dave Hazel, not forgetting the support from tutors and technicians! Our course was at the critical mass, my peers and tutors formed a nurturing community. The most important thing was to fully immerse yourself in your degree, using all the kit and facilities, turning up to all the lectures. And living with some like-minded people was great!”

What would be your one piece of advice to the next generation of creatives?

“Don’t find an excuse to give up on your dreams!”

I Told You So  is exhibiting 24th-27th November (Private View: Thursday 24th November at 6-9pm) as part of Photomonth, East London Photography Festival, The Gallery at Republic,  Capstan House, London.

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